Rothman Society for Innovation and Research

Focus Topic: Readmissions

Introducing the Rothman Society for Innovation and Research 

Live Webinar | June 7, 2018 | 1:00 PM ET

About the Society: 

Ten years ago the Rothman brothers developed the Rothman Index (RI), which has emerged as the clinical gold standard for visualizing and trending patient condition. Today, the Rothman Society for Innovation and Research continues that work, created to house all research, testing and development related to the RI. 

Our mission is open to all: whether a partner client of our sister organization PeraHealth, or an independent researcher keen to test the RI in an original research effort. We welcome anyone who wishes to collaborate and engage in rigorous scientific discussion around refining and improving the RI and its application

What you will learn: 

> Background on the Rothman Society for Innovation and Research: history, purpose, and collaboration opportunities

>Focus topic: Readmissions and the Rothman Index.  Review of current research, findings, and next steps. 

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